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[lyo-dev] Issue integration Lyo TRS 2.0 with Jazz LQE 5.0.1

Dear OSLC Community,


I would need again your support with regards to the same OSLC TRS adapter.


Few months ago I posted few questions about my OSLC SP application and its integration with the Jazz Platform. It worked perfectly back to January this year.

Recently we upgraded our Jazz SEE platform from 4.x to 5.0.1. Unfortunately RELM- LQE doesn’t work anymore with the same TRS application we were using along with Jazz RELM 4.x.

I have checked again and my application passed the TRS 2.0 test from the OSLC4J repository.


Any idea what is new in LQE in Jazz 5.0.1?


Would it possible for you to check again the integration between the Lyo TRS implementation and the LQE TRS interface.?


Best regards,

Jean-Luc Johnson, Airbus Group Innovations