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[lyo-dev] Building Java samples on mac - setting the JDK in eclipse correctly


I'm using a mac with the OSLC4J samples and ran into a gotcha.  I was able to get around the problem by commenting out the javadoc plugins in the pom.xml for each of the projects I needed to build with maven.  I had to do this because of some quirk in the setup of the JDK on Mac (note: I am not using an IBM JDK).  I have Java 7 r67 and the launch configuration for maven points to that, but javadoc fails saying that JAVA_HOME isn't set correctly.  In the doc for building the samples, should we mention to disable javadoc generation on mac or give them a solution to do this in eclipse?  I haven't played with it much, so I can probably find a way to make it work, but wanted to see if anyone else had solutions already.  Thanks!


Richard Bone
Advisory Software Engineer - Rational OSLC Client Request, Capilano Web Application

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