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Re: [lyo-dev] OSLC CLient thread-safe implementation

I was referencing to the old documentation for HttpClient 3.x regarding multi-threaded connection manager which was a mistake by me.
It's a way too old, so explicit connection releases on the client are no more needed, which should make things easier.
I created a bug, if anyone likes to comment.

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On 12.09.2014 17:20, Samuel Padgett wrote:
Hey Samuel,  I had the PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager already in
mind, too. I  have only few experience programming with the Apache
HttpClient. So this suggestion would generally require to re-implement
the  "OslcClient.java" from zero.
I don't think we'd need to start from scratch, but we can investigate more.
It would be a nice feature. Can you open a bug at


Additionaly it would also require to dismiss the usage of the Apache Wink
client abstraction, since it is not thread-safe, too.
We already create a separate RestClient instance for each request, so maybe a
non-issue? Many RestClients sharing one thread-safe HttpClient.

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