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Re: [lyo-dev] Technology.Lyo 2.0.0 release review request


Please create a record for this release.



On 09/10/2013 02:23 PM, Samuel Padgett wrote:

Hello EMO and Technology PMC,

Technology.Lyo is requesting a release review for Lyo 2.0.0.   This is an update to our 1.1 release with bug fixes and enhancements.  See the full release review [1] for details.   The IP Log [2] has been submitted and early versions of the binaries [3] are available for comparison vs. approved CQs.

Please let the project leads know if you have any questions regarding this review request.

[1] - http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/1/1e/Lyo-2.0.0-Release-Review.pdf
[2] - http://www.eclipse.org/projects/ip_log.php?projectid=technology.lyo
[3] - https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/job/lyo-oslc4j-packaging/ws/

Samuel Padgett | IBM Rational | spadgett@xxxxxxxxxx
Eclipse Lyo: Enabling tool integration with OSLC

Wayne Beaton on behalf of the Eclipse Management Organization
          Europe 2013

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