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[linuxtools-dev] Removing some RPM plugins for next release

Hey everyone,
For the September release I plan to remove couple of RPM plugins:
* createrepo - This one has been failing our builds for quite some time now and creating your own RPM repository in the days of Flatpak are so rare and I doubt that a single person will do it from inside Eclipse as it requires a good infrastructure behind it.
* rpmstubby - Back in the days when packaging almost everything as RPM was the norm it made a lot of sense to generate almost good RPM spec files from metadata (Maven, Python, Perl packages) but less and less things being packaged in RPM and even more rarely mass creating huge number of packages this is no longer helpful. Furthermore the spec files generated are against years old RPM version and thus probably range from non-working to purely bad-style ones and this is definitely not how auto-generated content should look like.

If you are interested in keeping these (or one of them) please get in contact and step up to improve them. If no one steps up my plan is to remove in a month or so.

Best regards,

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