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[linuxtools-dev] Committer Election for Samantha Dawley on Eclipse Linux Tools has started

A committer election for Samantha Dawley   on project Eclipse Linux Tools
(tools.linuxtools) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this criteria:

Samantha recently started contributing to the Eclipse Linux Tools team in its
releng parts. She plans to work towards automating building and publishing
Flatpaks as a long term goal and overall keeping our build infrastructure
uptodate according to latest standards.

She already has the following commits:
c55ae82cd72cd97fd795ce9eb5bcf974d54cffdf Update to use Fedora 35 from Eclipse
CBI and Maven 3.8.3
453af9dd145d6421d6da8729d3e7c4f03d6b4bde Updating to CentOS 8
a4cb3b0c6e7c62c24a2c2f4b6a69cc1d05e3dd2a Take clone stage out of Jenkinsfile
c546d4e133ae5578ca971b9fdad134df596e1bd6 Adding Jenkinsfile based on script
in Jenkins
6fa4c4b5efd7c076ad98ba046251b0196c63ee29  adding Jenkinsfile for linuxtools

To facilitate the work she contributed to CBI projects too

I'm looking forward to get the building part of the projects back into shape
with her help thus please welcome her!

Eclipse Linux Tools project committers can click the election link below to



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