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[linuxtools-dev] Linux Tools 7.5.1 move to org.eclipse.swtchart


In the Linux Tools 7.5.1 release the project has moved from org.swtchart 0.10.0 to org.eclipse.swtchart 0.7.0 [1].

In our project we depend on the org.eclipse.linuxtools.dataviewers feature. More specifically we use PieChart and invoke API from its parent class Chart.

Due to the change from org.swtchart.Chart to org.eclipse.swtchart.Chart, our code no longer compiles with 4.15 target. So we have to add a dependency to org.eclipse.swtchart plug-in.

Then our build fails for all older targets due to this missing dependency, so we have to include org.eclipse.swtchart in all the older targets, even though it's not really used, and include the plug-in in our RCP build and update site.

Isn't this a major API break? Is it appropriate for a point release?



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