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Re: [linuxtools-dev] regarding the dependency on spotify docker client

Thanks for responding Jeff.


My main concern is that the current version of Spotify has dependencies with unmitigated CVEs.

I’d like if Docker Tooling would use a version of Spotify without CVEs.

I can fork both Spotify and Docker Tooling myself in order to get to compliance with my company’s software release policies, but I’d prefer to upstream changes if possible.

Would you be willing to make a fork for Docker Tooling to use which I could upstream changes to?

I’ll just be bumping dependency versions and fixing and making any related, required changes for compatibility.


Also, will you be attending EclipseCon next month?




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Date: Friday, September 20, 2019 at 12:57 PM
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Subject: Re: [linuxtools-dev] regarding the dependency on spotify docker client


Hi Tony,


Our current plan is to use the last release of Spotify Docker Client as long as possible as we currently do not have the cycles to replace it.

We are certainly open to suggestions and patches.


We have started looking at Podman but this is not a viable replacement for non-linux systems.


We have in the past made patches to the upstream Spotify Docker Client and yes, we will need to create a fork for such future changes as needed but this will be

focussed only on Docker Tooling maintenance and not assuming general ownership of the project.




-- Jeff J.


On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 2:31 PM Homer, Tony <tony.homer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi linuxtools-dev.


Docker Tooling depends on Spotify Docker Client, which is no longer being maintained.

I had posted an issue asking if there is a well-supported fork but have not gotten any responses:


What is the plan for addressing this?

The options I can think of are to either replace Spotify with an actively maintained Java client or transition to a fork which is maintained by the Docker Tooling Team.


Thanks for your attention!

Tony Homer

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