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[linuxtools-dev] Building the Eclipse SDK (eclipse-build)


The Eclipse Linux Tools project has been working on a common way for all
distributions to build the Eclipse SDK.  The Eclipse project upstream
does not have time to produce archives that are suitable for
distributions to use as input to their builds so we've taken on this
work.  The upstream release engineers and others are very helpful and do
not object to our work.

We're not 100% finished yet, but we're getting closer and we'd like to
pre-announce the work to the Debian Java team since building the Eclipse
SDK has come up recently on the debian-java mailing list.

We've un-imaginatively named the work we're doing "eclipse-build".  At a
high level it will:

- bootstrap the parts of the Eclipse SDK that are necessary to build the
  Eclipse SDK
- build the Eclipse SDK with the bootstrapped bits
- use p2 to provision the built SDK

In an ideal world we'd have no patches, but if there are any patches,
we'll apply them before the bootstrap.

When we've got a method for building a working installation, we'll do a
broader announcement to get some testing and so that we can all work
together to have a standard procedure.  We really hope that everyone
will come together in this effort so that we're not all re-inventing the
wheel and duplicating effort in our attempts to have Eclipse technology
packaged in our distros.

If anyone's interested in our under-documented work-in-progress,
everything is in the Eclipse Linux Tools SVN repository:

svn co

Running is a good way to get started.  That will create
source tarballs for use by the build.  Then, running the Eclipse
antRunner application from a recent build on the main
build.xml *should* produce an installation.  No guarantees :)

I started filing some bugs with things we need to do.  There are
undoubtedly many more that should be filed, but it's a start.  The list
is here:

I'd like to re-iterate that we're a small group, amenable to
discussions, patches, modifications, etc.  We look forward to working
with you.  Continuing any discussion solely on
linuxtools-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx is probably best.  


Andrew (on behalf of the Eclipse Linux Tools project)

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