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Re: [linuxtools-dev] Welcome Xavier Raynaud as a new technology.linux-distros Committer

Hi all,

Many thanks for trusting me. I'm very happy to join you on this project.
It's something completely new for me - please excuse my newbie errors :)

I've a lot of question regarding your way of working, and the next development steps.

For example, what is your subversion branching policy ? Is it described somewhere ?
Have you a code style policy ?
Is there a mailing list, to be notifed by commits on this project ?

On a completely different subject, I have promized to contribute a gcov viewer...
I guess I have to follow the same way as for gprof contribution ?

Many thanks,

Xavier Raynaud

portal on behalf of Andrew Overholt a écrit :
technology.linux-distros Committers,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of all the legal
paperwork and webmaster provisioning for Xavier Raynaud. Xavier Raynaud is
a new full Committer on the technology.linux-distros project.

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