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[linuxtools-dev] Switching over updates-nightly to be Galileo-based


Now that our 0.2.1 release is out the door, I'm going to switch our
updates-nightly site to pull from our Galileo builds.  What I'm going to

- branch autotools and libhover for Ganymede
- merge Galileo branches of autotools and libhover to trunk
- make the Ganymede builds in Hudson move to the branches of autotools
and libhover
- make our updates-nightly site pull from our Galileo builds
- branch releng/org.eclipse.linuxtools.releng for Ganymede
- merge Galileo branch of releng stuff to trunk

After our 0.3 release is out (July 2009), we'll discontinue our Ganymede
builds in Hudson.

For developers, this means that you should be using -- or at least
testing regularly with -- a set of Galileo dependencies.  By "Galileo
dependencies", I mean the Eclipse SDK 3.5 RC3 or RC4, a recent CDT 6
build, etc.  You can always see what we're building against by looking
in org.eclipse.linuxtools.releng/ at the dependencyURLs

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.



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