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Re: [linuxtools-dev] Re-spun 0.2.0 build; please sign-off again

Good to go for Autotools, Libhover, and ChangeLog.

-- Jeff J.

Andrew Overholt wrote:

Due to a fix we made for OProfile's feature after our previous 0.2.0
candidate build, I had to re-spin 0.2.0 to include that fix.  I've done
a quick test both from the zip and the update site and everything (the
org.eclipse.linuxtools.all feature) installs which is better than with
the previous candidate build.  Things generally seem to work, too
(massif, memcheck, OProfile, autotools, stubby, specfile editor).

Nothing has changed code-wise other than the fixes to OProfile's
feature.xml so it *should* be an easy smoke test.  I've stopped regular
builds going to updates-nightly until we're satisfied with this build
for 0.2.0.  Once we're finished with this, I'll turn them back on.  You
can test from either the Update zip in the Hudson build [1]
or from our update site:

I'd like another round of sign-offs from the following individuals just
to confirm that the build is good for 0.2.0.  If anyone else has time to
verify it's ready to be released, that'd be appreciated :)


Responding here with a "good to go" or "not good to go" is sufficient.



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