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[linuxtools-dev] 0.3 sprint planning for Valgrind and OProfile work 2009-04-22


For 0.3 we'd like to try to plan out the work on the various components
so we have a better plan to put forward.  Kent and Elliott have
volunteered to do a little planning session via IRC where we file bugs
and set appropriate "target milestone" fields for both existing and new

We'd like to do this tomorrow in celebration of Earth Day.  I'm kidding
... about the Earth Day tie-in :)

Everyone is welcome to join us to get a sneak peek at what'll be coming
up in 0.3 for the OProfile and Valgrind plugins.  We value all feedback
so don't hesitate to chime in or just lurk if you'd prefer.  I suspect
we'll have extra time so we can discuss other Linux Tools components

#eclipse-linux on Freenode [1]
Wednesday 22 April 2009
3 - 4 PM North America Eastern (1900 - 2000 UTC)

Hope to see people there,



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