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[linuxtools-dev] Updated project plan; request for help keeping it correct


I updated the project plan a bit with dates:

I also added a theme for the tracing work we plan to do but more detail
should be added.  Hint, hint ;)

We should really keep this document more up to date as we add and remove
items we're going to do.  We currently have no bugs showing up on the
plan.  In order to get more participation, it would help if we had
tracker bugs for the various features we're going to implement and that
they showed up in the plan.

As such, I would appreciate help keeping this document updated.  The raw
XML is kept in CVS and I've attached a .psf you can use to import.  Just
File->Import->Team Project Set the attached file.  The plan is
project-info/plan.xml and the rest of the static web content is
scattered among the various .php and .html files.

Submit patches in bugzilla against Technology->Linux Tools->Project:



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