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Re: [linuxtools-dev] [New contribution proposal] Gprof viewer in eclipse

Hi Andrew,

I've re-attached sources as zip file (and fix the unresolved dependency you found).


Andrew Overholt a écrit :
Hi Xavier,

On Tue, 2009-04-07 at 11:19 +0200, Xavier RAYNAUD wrote:
I'm happy to announce a new contribution proposal for Linux Tools Project. It consists on a gprof viewer in eclipse.

Great, thanks!

Gprof support is the first part of the contribution proposal.
I will also add Gcov support proposal in a few days.

Very cool.

I'll shepherd this through the legal review process and ferry questions
back and forth between you and the Eclipse legal team.  The legal team
uses Windows, though, so it might be a good idea to re-attach the source
plugins as a zip if you don't mind.

Looking forward to working with you,


P.S. I've taken a quick glance at the plugins in your .tgz.  Did you
perhaps forgot to include

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