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RE: [linux-ide] Next Meeting

I have a hectic schedule and I am also traveling, I can lead a meeting on tracing, on June 2, is that date OK for everyone?

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I have posted the meeting minutes for our meeting last week on the LinuxIDE wiki.  Please feel free to edit/add/correct.   Ed I forgot the name of the other person from Cisco, so please feel free to add him.

For the next meeting we agreed to focus on a technical discussion for each area.  I would suggest we start with tracing since it was the key area for all organizations.  Next week I am out of the office attending a conference, so I can't participate.  Frankly I am not sure I will be that helpful anyways.   Dominique would you be willing to lead a meeting next Wednesday, May 19 at 4pmET?  It also seems like we need to invite people interested in the Linux Tools project to participate since this is the area that could help implement.

Ed, if Dominique agrees could you setup another WebEx?


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