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[libra-dev] Status of Libra project

Hello Libras :-)

Looking at project's git repository we have no functional changes for Luna. There are just some changes done by me for fixing the build (because of changes in dependencies) and for responding to new requirements in the release train (like the new license text).

For Kepler the changes are quite limited too - just a couple of bug fixes. So, I can say that for the last two years nothing significant has happened.

May I kindly ask each of the participating parties to state their interest in the project? Do you currently use it in any of your solutions? Do you have plans for any improvements, or just for maintenance?

As some of you know I changed my job about an year ago. My new employer has no interest in this project and I personally haven't any time for it. However, keeping the build running and doing the paperwork still takes some time and I would be happy to transfer this responsibility to someone who is more interested in the project. Volunteers?