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[libra-dev] Virgo IDE Refactoring

Hi Libras,

I just want to add to the discussion that Miles has started earlier on
what we can generalize from Virgo Tools/IDE.  We are willing to put
some effort into this.

1) I have been mulling over how to generalize the PDE bundle
resolution mecahnsim so that it is sensitive to targeted frameworks
and that we ca have more than one targeted framework in a workspace.
I am pretty much convinced that trying change PDE Target Platform
Definitions is not the way to go.  PDE is not a BDE and should not try
to be one.

Virgo Tools adopts WTP target runtimes classpath containers, the
"Bundle Dependency" resolution mechanism.  I believe this can be moved
into Libra without much trouble.  This can be made extensible for
Framework types to provide the different methods for resolving

2) Of course number (1)  comes with a natural prereq:  A first class
framework neutral bundle project type that understands the basics of
osgi bundles.  Too many "Bundle Project" types are not productive.
Rational Tools for Aries have one, Virgo Tools have another, of course
there is PDE Plugin Projects etc.   I suggest that we adopt a baseline
Bundle Project with "Bundle Dependency" classpath containers, and
Libra OSGi Bundle Facet.  Specific behavior should be added with
Facets (i.e. Virgo or Aries specific behavior).  Those facets can live

3) To complete the pack, we can discuss adopting the Bundle Manifest
Editor from Virgo Tools.

Any thoughts?

Naci Dai - naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
eteration a.s. itu ari-1 25 maslak istanbul tr
ph: +90 212 328 0825 - fax: +90 212 328 0521