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Re: [libra-dev] Libra Demonstrations and Tutorials

Hey Naci,


Thanks for these nice videos!


Iâve created a Video Tutorials page on the web site to collect all video materials: http://eclipse.org/libra/documentation/video/

There is a link to this page from the Documentation Page, and also from the Project News section on the front page.


I see you made some changes in the Launchers code in the last two days. Pay attention that we are close to shipping Juno M2. The last possible day to provide our M2 build is Sep 27. So, make sure to finalize any changes by the end of this week. On Monday I will prepare the M2 build. Also, please make sure that any significant change is accompanied with a respective Bugzilla ticket (bug or enhancement) â just to have better traceability what changes get in. If it is an enhancement, then consider adding it to the project plan (by adding the âplanâ keyword).


This will be also a good moment to prepare some News and Noteworthy for the Launchers feature. We missed doing this for M1, so it would be nice to promote this new feature with the M2 delivery. Itâs also a good idea to write down some short getting started instructions on the wiki page: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Libra. This would be a great addition to the video tutorials.


And by the way, I wonder why youâve introduced the âOSGi Runâ action. Isnât the generic âStartâ action sufficient enough to implement a proper start of the OSGi framework? Whatâs the difference between the implementation of the OSGi Run and Start actions?






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Hello Libras,
I have recorded three short tutorial videos that demonstrate Eclipse Libra and other associated tools:

  • Eclipse Libra Launchers

This video is a demonstration of the launchers framework

  • Eclipse Libra and Gemini Web

This video is a demonstration of Eclipse Gemini Web and Eclipse Libra tools. In the demonstration, we build simple Web Application bundle and test it with Eclipse Gemini Web and Equinox 3.7

  • Eclipse Libra Http Service and War

This is a two part demonstration of Eclipse Libra Tools. Part I: Building a simple http service bundle using Eclipse Libra Tools Part II:Exporting a WAR file with the help of war products to run Equinox in aservlet container

AND more to come... I have two more tutorials to record when I have enough time (Declarative services and Apache Felix)

Kaloyan - It would be nice if you can embed them on the project page.  

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