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[libra-dev] Declaring Libra Maintenance Build M-0.1.1-201109081324

P2 repository: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/maintenance/M-0.1.1-201109081324


Fixed bugs (non-functional, just release engineering):

·         https://bugs.eclipse.org/349783 - OSGi Bundle Facet feature should not install successfully on Helios

·         https://bugs.eclipse.org/356931 - Migrate to version 1.0.3 of the eclipse-signing-maven-plugin to fix packaging in pack.gz files


There is also a composite “maintenance” repository that aggregates the latest declared maintenance build: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/maintenance/


Does anyone plan to include any critical fixes for Indigo SR1? If not, then this build will be most probably our final Indigo SR1 delivery.



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