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[libra-dev] Declaring Libra 0.2 M1 Stable Build



Libra 0.2 M1 Stable Build is now declared. It is available on the following p2 repository site: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/milestones/S-0.2.0M1-201108160923/

It is also aggregated in the composite p2 repository with the latest Juno Milestone: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/milestones


I’ve also added this build to the Juno Discovery Site. It will be available there once Juno M1 is officially declared.


I did a small change in the metadata of the OSGi Framework Launchers features, so it complies better to the requirements for incubation project and a project attending the Simultaneous Release Train. The change can be viewed here: http://git.eclipse.org/c/libra/org.eclipse.libra.git/commit/?id=be771447c2178981863056da03a78e116cf3b25c


Naci, perhaps it’s a good idea to check also the plugins metadata for such inconsistencies.



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