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Re: [libra-dev] FW: [wtp-releng] Please test our M6 repositories ...

Yes, pretty amazing turn of speed.


On 16 Mar 2011, at 11:54, Holger Staudacher wrote:

Create that it worked out to be a part of indigo. Thanks Kaloyan for your work ;) 

First beer at EclipseCon is on me ;)

Cheers Holger

On 16.03.2011, at 05:56, Raev, Kaloyan wrote:

The Libra features are included in the Indigo M6 repositories listed below.
Please, check if everything looks as expected.
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Especially if you have some of the new features we've added for M6 (JPA Diagram Editor, Dali JAXB support, and Libra's two features). 
And, my "test" I mean to make sure things show up as expected, and that the features will successfully install into an IDE (after that, it's just normal testing ... 
which is not what I am asking for here). 

Our WTP M6 repository is ready at 


And the staging site for the common repository has our M6 content in it 


Looking at the latter makes me think we have crossed a line in terms of size or complexity,  and we may need to work to make it more understandable, or smaller ... but, for M6 that's what we've got.

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