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Re: [libra-dev] Indigo

Hi Holger, 

Thank you for bringing this up to the mailing list. 

At least two of the participating companies in the Libra project want to have a delivery with the Indigo train. These are EclipseSource and SAP. Are there any other companies that wish the same?

We can split the features that we are working on in Libra into two categories: to-be-shipped-with-Indigo and not-to-be-shipped-with-Indigo. The ones in the first category must follow the requirements for the Indigo release train [1], while the others in the second category could continue to be developed in a more unrestricted environment. We can easily split the features into different p2 repositories and contribute to the Indigo discovery site only these that are ready for Indigo.

Last Wednesday I informed the Planning Council that the Libra project will request a late exception to join the Indigo train in M6. David Williams will work with us to formulate this official request. 

If we join the Indigo train with M6, then we have some action items for M6:
  1) Deliver a build compatible with Indigo M6.
  2) The build from 1) must follow the Indigo requirements [1] that are "must do" for M6. I have to check which ones of the whole list are these. 
  3) Provide a project plan for those features that will be included in Indigo. 

[1] http://www.eclipse.org/indigo/planning/EclipseSimultaneousRelease.php


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Hey guys,
last week I talked with Kaloyan about Indigo. He mentioned that we can ask for an exception to become part of it. I'm not sure how matured the facets are but we can ship the WAR Products if we want. I would realy like to see Libra participating in Indigo and can do some work. I just wanted to know how do you think about this. Do you think it's worth to put some effort in it to participate in indigo?

Regards Holger

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