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[libra-dev] IBM is joining WTP Libra project !!

I am excited to announce that IBM is joining the WTP Libra project.

IBM would like to contribute set of tools that helps in:

-OSGi facet configuration, that does not exclude other project facets.
-Creating OSGi Bundles, and OSGi Web Bundles
-Importing and Exporting Bundles.
-Support for OSGi Fragments.
-Converting existing projects to OSGi Bundles.
-Java projects
-PDE Plugins
-JEE Web projects
-Utility jars
-Converting PDE Fragments to OSGi Fragments
-Flexible Bundle Root


Zina Mostafia P. Eng.
Tools for OSGi Applications - Development Lead
IBM Canada Lab.
Tel: (905) 413-3627 Tie line 969-3627

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