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[lemminx-dev] Committer Election for Victor Rubezhny on Eclipse LemMinX has started

A committer election for Victor Rubezhny on project Eclipse LemMinX
(technology.lemminx) was started by Mickael Istria with this criteria:

Victor has been a long term and regular contributor to LemMinX-Maven, he's
even been the one who's been the most active for several months, and is very
likely to remain contributing for a long time.
Please join me in welcoming Victor as a committer on LemMinX(-Maven)!

Here is a record of his contributions

~/git/lemminx-maven$ git log --author=vrubezhny@xxxxxxxxxx --pretty=oneline
025bc243df52b2b4145c5aaa594bfd0c53781d75 (HEAD, eclipse/master, eclipse/HEAD)
Add Managed Version Info on hover #238
3a8259459e9e0fa9eabd3ebaf7222822ef56d93a Autocompletion for directory/file
based properties #292
f2524ab5e34003f01b1f402c678b70c76a1ab42d Autocompletion for directory/file
based properties #292
72c7c4f7900dc49c69fce2421597b67adc7360ef Existing elements of an existing
dependency got broken when inserting artifactId from CA #276
80cd0737940557b4216192731d23187e685cb17c Maven Projects are built and cached
more than once  when relative paths are used
200ea92566f1427ca86b3f0657f0b6eaa385710c A hidden NPE in
MavenLemminxWorkspaceReader.findArtifact() #273
7558da00ede56410b97127b1ae4f0cde1f88e466 Hovering on a dependency doesn't
show info if version is a property #259
8c555e48587907b0650e0ca371548d6e5a7eaf06 groupId completion returns
duplicates #261
29bd0e870e4213204cc7520d3ecc5de4742a4cdc Plugins cannot be opened by
Ctrl+<Click> if version is not explicitly specified #253
c2dbbb9237163959bdcfe55e8b8d7128f22a3c42 Switch to use OkHttpClient instead
of Unirest-Java
42a79ce0ffd7589df3975dd9aa4d3e47092ed4f5 Bump to 05.0-SNAPSHOT
13055cf1d6c95f733c0f77ffa4aa7681afcef3cd Add support for assistance using
Maven Central Rest API #232
acfdf42aafca2fd07c32890ae8c7d1033b1d2c79 Maven dependencies are sometimes
downloaded in home folder #383
eb25d4cf2652d596be4115631928ca7e00759ccc Add support for dependency
(validation, completion) on workspace projects #77
5b8e0e07e2abbc1bd45511083df2d4e5c685b662 Add support for dependency
(validation, completion) on workspace projects #77
3e253d93d89d6448cbc55b18731922c956b2160c didChangeWorkspaceFolders
realization for Workspace Service
b518fe34f7b85f9388abeffe24ef72486da22cf6 Add support for dependency
(validation, completion) on workspace projects #77
e54de976abe22071d61ff1fada3331f9ad7953a9 Add support for dependency
(validation, completion) on workspace projects #77
264e9fab18b187513f83496d3f6a2467436965ae Fix the indexer exception issues
6cd7b36cc4c2fd22c9521276f4601004dcdd7d1b Add artifacts resolution on
workspace projects
b0970a9b0ea6ee6e7173861cfe86c4b96760d2ca completion of properties without ${
prefix #146

~/git/lemminx$ git log --author=vrubezhny@xxxxxxxxxx --pretty=oneline
6113791b3436a6b711741eb3cacd108398e17e1a Adopt linkedEditingRanges
wordPattern property #1187
acbc29b71260eddc40a201f4b17bc2ec396f14f9 Tests: Assertion is added for
additional text edits of a completion item.

Eclipse LemMinX project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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