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Re: [keti-dev] Keti initial contribution - git repo


It looks like your repo is now in order. Congratulations!! Do you have an ETA on when you will address the ACS -> Keti renaming?
For the website, please ask webmaster to recreate/clear your website repo via a bugzilla ticket - please let me know if you need help later on to deploy a custom website, although for the time being, and as you've probably noticed, the website redirects to the default page which is fine.

Benjamin -

2018-01-09 20:04 GMT+01:00 Saggi, Anubhav (GE Digital) <anubhav.saggi@xxxxxx>:



Thanks for clarifying the differences between the repositories. Is there a way we can get the webmaster to remove my accidental commit to so it’s back to a clean state?


Also by “Github ID in the eclipse portal” do you mean the one under “Social Media Links” when editing our account via<user_id>/edit ? If so I’ve verified that all active committers internal to GE have added their GitHub IDs. Will you be following up with the webmaster to grant us write privileges or do we need to individually file bugs against the webmaster here: ?





From: Benjamin Cabé <>
Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 7:53 AM
To: <keti-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: <anubhav.saggi@xxxxxx>, "Chopra, Sanjeev (GE Digital)" <chopra@xxxxxx>
Subject: EXT: Keti initial contribution - git repo


I’m following up on Anubhav’s request on IPzilla here on the mailing list, as this is information that might be useful for others.


The request was:


"I've checked in our code to

we don't have permission to force-push to the master branch so I had to resort

to adding another commit on top of the initial one by the webmaster. I was

attempting to follow instructions similar to what's described in but maybe the master branch is protected?


Also the commits don't seem to be mirrored to . I couldn't find the "official" GitHub

mirroring process in the Eclipse docs beyond what's covered in so maybe one of you guys can shed some light on

the actual process for mirroring to our repo under the eclipse public GitHub




The repo is actually meant to be the Keti *website* content, i.e whatever you will be pushing there is effectively what will be served on - see e.g for the Eclipse Californium website. It is intentional that force push is not enabled, as it is expected people commit/rebase on top of the webmaster’s initial commit.


As far as getting the actual Keti code contributed to, which is the repo for the code, have all the Keti committers filled in their Github ID in the eclipse portal? This is how webmaster can provide write access to the commiter's Github accounts.


Hope this helps,

Benjamin -

Benjamin Cabé – IoT Program Manager & Evangelist

Eclipse Foundation
+33 (0) 619196101

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