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Re: [kapua-dev] Issue (#1475) when removing default user Kapua-Sys

If you change credentials it locks out kapua-sys when it tries to connect with default password.

If you are running console from docker, add this to command line when docker is run (run not start):


--env transport.credential.password=mysecret


My example:

docker run -td --name kapua-console --link kapua-sql:db --link kapua-broker:broker --link kapua-elasticsearch:es -eBROKER_PORT_1883_TCP_ADDR= --env transport.credential.password=toomanysecrets -p 8080:8080 kapua/kapua-console:0.3.2


Tell me if it helps


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Subject: [kapua-dev] Issue (#1475) when removing default user Kapua-Sys



For security reasons, we have removed the default user (credentials known on the internet), but then Kapua does not work anymore. Opened an issue on Github for that as I did not found anything similar.




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