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[kapua-dev] Hello world ! Self introduction

Hi everyone !

Let me introduce myself, since it is my first time on this mailing list and aside from my mentor Jens, no one knows me yet.
So, my name is Arthur. I’m a undergrad student in Computer Science at the University of Geneva. Here is my GitHub:

This summer, I’ll be working on the project "Eclipse Kapua: IoT gateway simulation and I hope what I’ll produce will be useful to many people ! You can find the document describing my project right here, and comment it as will if you think about some improvements.

So far, I’ve been able to set up the project on my computer, but didn’t dive into the code yet (well, I did on the simulator-kura, but only partially). Does anyone have a any tiny todo/bug to fix to lead me to, in order to get me started with the project ? Or, as Jens suggested me, a unit test to write ?

Nice weekend to all of you,

Arthur Deschamps

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