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[jwt-dev] Weblogic added as server in eclipse


I am a Java technical designer working in an organisation, as part of my development installed the weblogic server on pc and able to deploy the war's successfully.
And the application is also running successfully.

To debug the application I need to add the weblogic server in eclipse and I should be able to debug the code.
I am using eclipse oxygen and able to add the server but when publishing the code it is failing.
It is complaining about a lot of rules , some of them I am mentioning as below.

--> remove the final variable
-->In JPA named query :username should not use ...etc

if any issue in the code , war's should not build during maven build.
And when i deploy the war's in Weblogic server application should not work. This issue is happening  only during the publishing of the code.

I have multiple war's for the same application. Please suggest how to overcome this situation.
Thanks & Regards
Magbul Pasha

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