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Re: [jwt-dev] [soa-pmc] Release review JWT 1.3.0 Kepler

Hi Marc, hi Chris,

congratulations to both of you as well as the whole project team of JWT (and here notably Samir for the release support!) for preparing everything concerning the Kepler release (v1.3.0 of JWT).

I am happy to see that the BPMN view finally got part of JWT and I can understand that for other projects there might be some confusion where the difference between the view of JWT and a real BPMN-editor is. However, you explained it so well that everybody should be able to understand it now.

I had a look at the release review slides and found them quite good. The only thing that could be improved for the next time is the link to the project plan which (in the slides) points still to technology.jwt, but should be soa.jwt now (and maybe some other top-level-project in the future?). While the contents of the release 1.3 are explained on the bottom of the project plan, the release 1.3 is still missing in the overview on top of the project plan page. Maybe you could still improve that?

For Kepler I haven't been that active as committer as I would like, but I hope that I'll find more time in the next year.

Best regards,


Am 02.06.2013 18:02, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi Marc

Thanks for your +1.

I agree with your remark, but first please note that JWT's BPMN view is a "view", meaning that you can display the same JWT workflow model using either an UML Activity Diagram representation, an Event Process Chain (EPC) representation or a BPMN representation, and switch between them seamlessly using a single button. This representation agnosticity is one of the core goals of JWT, and it's not at all like JWT has its own BPMN model.

In addition, JWT has already some import / export transformations with Eclipse BPMN editor (the obsolete one, so we should migrate those transformations to Bob's BPMN2 editor) and Mangrove.

Indeed, all this has to be planned for next year consistently with other Eclipse SOA projects !

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Le 31/05/2013 23:02, Marc.Gille@xxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
+1, Marc.

However, I think we should discuss overlap between JWT, BPMN2, Mangrove, Stardust going forward. It seems significant.


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Dear fellow PMC members,

Please find the Kepler release review slides for JWT 1.3 in attachment and at

Hoping for your your +1s !

Marc Dutoo
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