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Re: [jwt-dev] Using OWLAPI from within the handler of a plugin menu command

There is no such thing as OWLAPI.lib, there is only the binary, owl-bin.jar and the source, owl-src.jar. I even tried adding them to the "Classpath" in the runtime tab but it didn't work and of course I added them to the "libraries" tab in "configure build path". If I wouldn't have done that, it would have given me a compile error, but that's not what I have, I have a 
"java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.semanticweb.owlapi.apibinding.OWLManager"  although this is available in my imports and I am pretty sure it is found in the owl-bin.jar which, as I said I added to "Classpath" in the runtime tab. I have tried almost everything. It seems as if, from inside the workbench through the plugin, This classes can't be reached. 
I am becoming pretty frustrated as time goes by, especially that it works perfectly on a normal java class with a main (even if this class is inside the same package as the handler inside the same plugin project). I don't think it is related to the project as a whole, for this reason. Kindly, tell me if you know what is wrong.

Sincerest regards,

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Datum: Tue, 07 Jun 2011 20:42:15 +0200
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Hi Samir,

it seems to me that you missed to include the OWL API library file in
the plugin definition. When the compiler tells you a
ClassNotFoundException, then the path to the library is unknown. In the
plugin.xml or MANIFEST.MF(which both opens the same dialog) you can find
the libraries that should be taken into account during build. Add the
OWLAPI.lib file (or the whole path) there and it should work.
Please have a look into the same files in the Sempa-repositories which
you probably should have already access to.

Good luck and best regards,


On 07.06.2011 18:18, Ahmed Samir Saleh Wafa wrote:
> Dear All,
> Has anyone managed to load an Ontology or generally using the OWLAPI from within the handler of a plugin menu COMMAND. I can do that from a normal class with a main method but I face an exception when I try doing it from within the execute method  of the command handler. The exception is a class not found exception and it doesn't make sense because I use the same code on another NORMAL class (with a main method) in the same package of the same plugin project and it works perfectly. I was wondering if anyone has ever faced something like that ?? will appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks in advance,
> Samir
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