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Re: [jwt-dev] Accessing Workflow elements using java code

Hi Samir,

if you want to access JWT models outside Eclipse, go with the explanation from Marc. Otherwise, it's quite simple:

Use org.eclipse.jwt.we.misc.util.GeneralHelper.getActiveInstance() to get the currently active WEEditor.

From there you can access the currently opened activity sheet:
getCurrentActivitySheet() which provides the method getActivityModel() to get the Activity object. From there on you can use the getters according to the JWT meta model (e.g. getNodes()).


Am 25.05.2011 17:56, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi Samir

You can use the EMF jars out of an Eclipse / OSGi environement to load
the .workflow file and introspect it in java, see :

Note that if you only want to do that to enrich another XML file, you
can use Transformations as I've already said (*).


In addition, if you need to get it "out" of JWT, for instance to execute
it on a process engine, you then need to write or enrich a
transformation towards your chosen business process format.
JWT already has several transformations, as well as a stub project in
order to help creating your own, see in the svn here :
For instance if you want to have it as an XPDL business process that is
executable on the Bonita 4 engine, you can copy-paste the existing XPDL
transformation and add some XSL scripting that uses your semantic
annotations, for example to enrich said XPDL process.

Le 25/05/2011 17:36, Ahmed Samir Saleh Wafa a écrit :
Dear all,

I need to access the workflow editor elements using java code. For
example, I have a process model ("Process.workflow") and it contains a
simple process with an initial node, a final node and an action in
between. I need to access this action using java code, to get it's
ingoing transitions, outgoing transitions and also the custom
properties I have created for this action. How can I do that ?

best regards,
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