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Re: [jwt-dev] Importing to JWT Custom Aspect Properties

Hi Marc,

I'm very close:)  Perhaps you have an idea on what I'm missing, here?

I created my model:
org.eclipse.jwt.meta.model.core.Model rootPackage = CoreFactory.eINSTANCE.createModel();

I add it to the Resource, so the ConfeModelResourceManager can load:

further along:

ConfModel newlyLoadedConfModel = ConfModelResourceManager.INSTANCE.loadConfModelOfModel(rootPackage, true);

That results in the following console messages, but the file is created at this point.  The last instance of the message is not in red, so I'm assuming it's not really severe, as stated:

org.eclipse.jwt.we.conf.model.resource.internal.ConfModelResourceManagerImpl handleResourceLoadingError
SEVERE: ConfModel resource doesn't exist for ConfModel file platform:/resource/jwt-1-0-test/workflows/test2.workflow_conf while looking for expected ConfModel of model platform:/resource/jwt-1-0-test/workflows/test2.workflow

I successfully get my Profile:

Profile arcaProfile = null;
for (Profile p: ConfRegistry.INSTANCE.getInstalledProfiles()) {
    if(p.getName().equals("com.gotarca.jwt.we.view.callflow.aspect")) arcaProfile = p;

Is this correct?
AspectManager.INSTANCE.activateProfile(newlyLoadedConfModel, arcaProfile);

The problem, here, is that aspects is always an empty list:
List<Aspect> aspects = AspectManager.INSTANCE.getAspects(node);

Thanks for your help!


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