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Re: [jwt-dev] indigo release

Hi Florian,

great to hear from you :) Seems, the celebrations were a bit premature, as there were still some problems with publishing the update site but they should also be fixed now (keeping fingers crossed...). I'm not sure about the current status of the BPMN view as I didn't hear from Ilshat for a while... Concerning the Indigo release, since there were no messages on the list I'll prepare a new project plan and submit the IP logs :)


Am 02.02.2011 16:52, schrieb Florian Lautenbacher:
Hi Chris,

it's good to hear that the project is still on track for Indigo and that the
build is finally working again! Thanks a lot for your work here.
What is the current status for the BPMN view? Is there some progress going
on here? I didn't see a mail on the mailing list concerning this topic for
quite a while... Besides that, I still have the same ideas for the next
release, that I didn't manage to implement for this release :-/
I don't think that I'll have the chance to make bigger changes before the
indigo release. So, if all others agree, please go ahead and submit the IP

Best regards,


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Hi all JWT developers,

just a few quick infos on the JWT@Indigo status:

* we're finally back to a working build on Hudson, yay :)
* dependencies are currently set to Indigo M5, seems to work fine
* we should probably update the project plan with our ideas for 1.1, one
of course being the bpmn view. can you think of something else which
should go in?
* are there likely to be any bigger changes from your side before the
indigo release? if not, i'll submit the ip log

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