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Re: [jwt-dev] add unique ID to meta model?


I understand the need very well.

However, I've seen that done in places (e.g. STP BPMN) and while it is very easy to do and use, it can be a mess to work with if you use these ids outside of the workflow model where they are defined, because they introduce strong coupling. In this latter case, it is better to use a **decoupled** way to refer to elements, typically a slashed path like we use in the TaskEngineFramework (1).

So it depends whether you want to refer to it within the workflow model (then it's OK, they'd even be valid XML ids), or refer to it from another file (then a decoupled method that uses the workflow structure rather than arbitrary generated ids would be better, and preserve usability across different versions or forks of the same workflow model).


(1) see comment of modelElementPath in /jwt-taskengine-api/src/main/java/org/eclipse/jwt/runtime/taskengine/interfaces/ :

* Returns the value of any action - task impl (application, hook...)-specific property.
     * @param modelName name of process
* @param modelElementPath path of action - task tree (including within suprocesses),
     * consisting in their slash-prefixed names
     * @param propertyName
* @return value with the right Java type (some low-end impls might only return strings) * @throws NoSuchModelElementException if can't find target action - task
     * @throws NoSuchPropertyException if can't find property on it
public Object getPropertyValue(String modelName, String modelElementPath, String propertyName)
        throws NoSuchModelElementException, NoSuchPropertyException;

Le 25/11/2010 17:24, Christian Saad a écrit :
Hi all,

my collegue Benjamin files a bug for including some kind of identification mechanism for model elements in the form of a transient ID attribute (see bug 329262). The requirement behind this is to make each element of the loaded model uniquely identifiable so it can be easily tracked. Since this is probably a fairly unintrusive and easy to implement change, I'd like to ask if you would be ok with this. Basically it would boil down to adding an ID attribute to ModelElement which would not be visible (e.g. in the property view) nor be serialized into the workflow file.

Please let me know what you think.

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