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[jwt-dev] [ANN] New release of JWT

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that the next release (0.5) of the Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project has been finalizedThe Workflow Editor (WE) of JWT has been enhanced by several features, some bugs have been fixed (see detailed release notes below) and the JWT bundle now also includes new plugins such as new views (e.g. a view of UML activity diagrams) or transformations (e.g. from JWT to XPDL). Find more information about JWT and download it on JWT currently prepares to get integrated into the yearly release train of Eclipse and will be part of Eclipse Galileo in 2009. With several new committers and support by a new mentor and more companies than before, we are looking forward to manage this important step for our project.

I am also happy to announce that we deployed the newest version of AgilPro (v1.5.0) on SourceForge. AgilPro is an implementation and integration of JWT into a RCP application. It consists of a modeling tool (AgilPro LiMo) as well as a previewer for modeled processes (AgilPro Simulator). AgilPro LiMo builds upon JWT and includes additional features such as BPEL code generation or the creation of an HTML documentation from your workflow. The AgilPro Simulator enables to preview your process without having a process engine installed. It is a desktop tool which can open existing applications on your desktop PC such as the Internet browser, Adobe PDF files, OpenOffice documents, etc. The AgilPro tools are available under GPL at

As last time, I'd like to say thanks to the whole project team for their support and assistance!

If you have any feedback or comments, please don't hesitate to publish them as a bug on the Eclipse Bugzilla (see or on SourceForge or contact us under mailto:jwt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx or mailto:support@xxxxxxxxxx.

Best regards,

Florian Lautenbacher

-JWT project co-lead & AgilPro development team-


Release notes:


[238879] add feedback figure when inserting objects
[238880] add shadow to figures
[214897] Colors in the graphical editor
[239408] Allow several routers
[225706] Extend views with different figures
[238259] Add extension point for views
[240499] Add of an extension point to customise PropertyEditor
[240502] Add an extension point for changeNotification
[221479] Language pack: French
[238405] drag and drop in the outline view
[238883] show additional information in the status bar
[248528] add extension point for additional property tabs
[248531] filter options for outline view
[248395] provide extension mechanism for custom editor sheets

Changed :

[201188] rewrite ReferenceEdge code
[207000] add offset to pasted objects
[238882] improve quality of several figures/figure icons
[238885] add external functions to context menu
[248529] put views and external actions in the toolbar into dropdowns
[248450] Remove info from toolbar and from WE completely


[201185] bug when manipulating reference-edges when the corresponding scope is not displayed
[201186] Problems handling connections
[205155] Edges are still displayed if resizing a StructuredActivityNode
[215151] bug when copying, cutting, pasting connections
[216521] cuttoclipboard acts as delete command
[221646] Load from URL does not work
[221647] „Save as“ does not work
[223607] Ganymede: Unable to open files
[238402] Zoom problems: nullpointerexception and enablement error
[201193] add tutorial to plugin
[242203] Silent NullPointerException when cancelling New Workflow from Wizard
[241936] (catched) npe when setting an edge‘s target
[241934] NullPointerException when switching between JWT and development Eclipse
[238884] exception when renaming elements which are not shown in the graphical editor
[238404] Aborting a drag of a scope from outline to editor affects the commandstack
[248532] create refelements on subprocess bug
[248534] bug when deleting referenced objects and their references at the same time
[248535] bug in dragndrop from outline to editor
+ many more small bugfixes

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