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Re: [jwt-dev] jwt editor installation


There is no automated way to create a plugin for JWT (since there is no automatic way to create a plug-in in Eclipse more generally).

The classic solution is to find a plug-in that has a behavior close to the behavior you want to implement, and then to adapt this plug-in to your need.
Here are plug-ins samples that already exists in JWT:
- Add a button in toolbar which runs an action => see we/jwt-plugin-sample
- Add a transformation (export or import) => see transformations/jwt-transformation-stub - Custom a propertyDescriptor (mainly the Cell Editor for specific property in property sheet) => I should commit something like that soon

If what you want to do does not look like one of these behaviors, it means that you'll have to investigate in JWT code to find where you want to use extensions and plug-in...

Hope that helps.
Rodrigue Le Gall a écrit :
Hi all,

Personnaly I have install Ganymede JEE version + Testing and Performance in ganymede plugins (aka TPTP).

Is there a quick process to create JWT plugins + feature with JDK1.5 (ant script or something else) ?


Mickael Istria a écrit :
Hi Charles,

I am also moving to Ganymede. However, I am still using a JDK 1.5, and until now, I don't have any problem.

I started from a Ganymede plug-in editor version.
Take a look at the dependencies that are broken in the MANIFEST.MF file and install everything required. Start by installing Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and Graphical Edition Framework (GEF) from Ganymede project.
I think you don't require anything else for the project you listed.

I'll start a wiki page that is aimed to contains information for JWT contributors.

Good luck.

Souillard Charles a écrit :
Hi all,

I am trying to install jwt editor and to use xpdl features to generate a XPDL file from my designed process in jwt model.
I now know that eclipse 3.4 is required and JDK 1.6
Can you tell me where I can find a list of necessary plugins I need to install (update-site list ?) to have my jwt projects (we, transformation-base, xpdl) compiling successfuly in eclipse ? Maybe you have a doc which list all these plugins starting from a eclipse 3.4.0 classic or developper ?

Maybe this is newbie questions but I am a bit lost in all EMF/GEF/draw2d and a lot of others plugins dependencies...


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