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[jwt-dev] JWT limitations?

Good evening,
I'm writening from Patagonia, Argentina because I got stucked with a project. I would like to make a Java aplication with workflows that could determinate wether a process is able to be launched or not. I have several sub industrial process that must follow defined steps but the steps could change depending on the product. What happens is that somebody could launch a process at any time but I would like to know if JWT would analyse if all the previous steps were done. The intresting part of this is that anybody shoul be capable of trying to start any process at any time but still now I have only seen that JWT would limitate me to follow a certain secuence of steps always starting from the first one. For example, I have to procude corn oil so the trucks would arrive to my manufactures and would stop at the first barrier. If everithing is ok, it should go to a place where the truck is washed. Then it should go to a ballance to get it's weight, then to flush all the corn, then to the same or other ballance to be weight again, then to get paid and finally to the exit barrier. Now imagine that the truck driver goes from the firs barrier to the ballance and he didn't pass trhough the washing process, when the process of the ballance (written in any language or a peace of hardware equipment) is going to weight the truck that asks the truck id it must not allow the truck to be weight and it should inform the driver which steps were defined for the process and which steps he actually did.
The idea of this is to be able to change the way things are done on an easy way for a manager that would't know how to write a single line of code and would only change the process secuence and everything must keep on working correctly with the new secuence.

If anyone knows how to solve this, please please please let me know!!!
Thanks in advance and sory for my poor English!!

Excelent project!!

Best wishies!!

Francisco Suarez

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