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Re: [jwt-dev] Extension point for views

Hi Florian

Congrats for this feature !

Thanks to this we're now able to define metamodels that extend JWT's and see their elements in the WE.

I'm sure Miguel will like it very much ^^

Besides this, I've kept on working on metamodel extension & aspects. Right now we're focused on completing SCorWare specs (and a complete JWT - SCOrWare preview demo before the 07th of July), but this means completing aspects as soon as possible. We'll still discuss it till then.


Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi all,
there is now a first version of an extension point for external views available. By this it is possible to define a view-file in an external plugin and select this view in the workflow editor. This is a first step for the extension of the metamodel (either properties to existing classes in the metamodel or whole new classes), since all extensions must be made visible in a corresponding view. So, hopefully in the near future, the metamodel can be extended in a plugin that extends jwt-we and a view can be defined in this plugin which is then displayed in jwt-we. For more information and a sample plugin implementation which uses this extension point, please have a look at bug 238259 (and its attachment). Best regards, Florian ---------------------------------------
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