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Re: [jwt-dev] Beginning of a monitoring plug-in

Hi Ralph

I'm going to let Mickaël answer more thoroughly, however know this :

* the WorkflowService has actually been defined as a generic way to integrate with a runtime process engine. Ex. a web portal would use it to list all activities available for the logged user, whatever the engine impl.

* that's why this service is a rather simple one. A full monitoring plugin would require an extended version of this service, notably with finder methods (findProcess, findActivity, findModel...), and a companion process deployment service / feature.

* the UI is therefore also simpel for now, and has been developed by and on suggestion of Mickaël, as a way to improve visibility of the WorkflowService, and as a way to kickstart thoughts on monitoring (well, this is a success ;)

* we hope to focus on monitoring features next year, if the gods of public funding are with us. So there will be no notable additions, besides corrections to the WorkflowService definition, like putting global properties in the Process and not in the Project.

Finally, the WorkflowService does not list all instances, but only current Activities for a given user (operation listUserActivities), which is not too much but exactly what is needed by a business application to make use of processes at runtime.


Ralph Soika/IMIXS a écrit :
Hi Mickael,

Monitoring is one of the most interesting things we form Imixs are looking for in the moment. So I would like to start implementing such a Plugin in future to monitor the Imixs JEE Engine. What I did not understand is : what is the method which should return the list of the running processes shown in picture:

And should the service return all running processes ? This can be a very long list. Or is the method "setActivityProperties" for defining which processes should be returned by the service?


Mickael Istria schrieb:

I've written a little plug-in framework that can be used to monitor a workflow state from a workflow engine. This is not at all a mature plug-in for the moment, but I hope it is an interesting base for the future.

Monitoring a workflow engine can be done in a few steps:
1. Implement an interface (WorkflowService) with your favorite workflow engine. (We use the "Adapter" design-pattern) 2. Make this service accessible to the user who wants to monitor it in Eclipse (you can use webservices, rmi, or anything you are able to write a client programmaticaly) 3. Implement an extension plug-in which defines the way to acces the service (so called a service provider) from inside Eclipse.

We are currently able to monitor Bonita via a CXF/Aegis WebService (see the wiki for screenshots).

You can find more detailed information and basis for discussion on the JWT wiki at

Hope you will find it interesting!


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