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Re: [jwt-dev] Beginning of a monitoring plug-in

This is interesting. I've been doing some more work on my EMF workflow model/engine and I'm about to look at modeling state information and the ability to monitor that state. It sounds like this is using a polling mechanism to monitor the state. Is that correct? I'm considering using an event model for state transitions. I would be concerned about using a polling mechanism especially when running the workflow remotely - performance is critical in my intended application.


On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:56 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:


I've written a little plug-in framework that can be used to monitor a workflow state from a workflow engine. This is not at all a mature plug-in for the moment, but I hope it is an interesting base for the future.

Monitoring a workflow engine can be done in a few steps:
1. Implement an interface (WorkflowService) with your favorite workflow engine. (We use the "Adapter" design-pattern) 2. Make this service accessible to the user who wants to monitor it in Eclipse (you can use webservices, rmi, or anything you are able to write a client programmaticaly) 3. Implement an extension plug-in which defines the way to acces the service (so called a service provider) from inside Eclipse.

We are currently able to monitor Bonita via a CXF/Aegis WebService (see the wiki for screenshots).

You can find more detailed information and basis for discussion on the JWT wiki at

Hope you will find it interesting!


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