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[jwt-dev] AW: Components in JWT

Hi Marc, hi all,
I'm writing here about the transformations which we develop (XPDL, etc.) and whether those should be announced as a new component or not:
I just read again through the answer that Bjorn gave us concerning new components (see below). He sent us a link which describes when the membership needs to be notified that we are planning a new component. In this page [1] it says that Eclipse membership-at-large should not be surprised by a new component, so they should have the possibility to know during a release review that there has been this component. As described in (3) on that page it is also possible to announce major new features when it has been described in the docuware of any review. Since we have described the transformations in the release review paperware for the JWT WE 0.4, I guess we don't need a notification to the membership or how do you think about that? Maybe we should ask Anne Jacko concerning that!?
Bjorn was also talking about the mentors and that it would be a good idea to have one. Since you have more connections with persons from the STP project you might probably think of somebody who might be our mentor!? However, I'm not sure who is allowed to be a mentor of the project...
I think it's great that you'll have a meeting with Miguel and talk about some of the topics of JWT. I'm looking forward to hear about the results of these discussions.
Best regards,

Von: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: 26 March 2008 01:23
An: Florian Lautenbacher
Cc: 'Marc Dutoo'
Betreff: Re: Components in JWT

Florian, Marc,
I'll write a quick response before I shut my email down for a vacation - my apologies that my reply to your reply to this email will be delayed.
first of all I'm sorry that this conversation is via email. I tried to meet you during the last days of EclipseCon, but was not successful.
Ah well. At least it was a great conference. I got to talk to a lot of people, but in the end there just were not enough hours in the day...
-During the proposal we asked for three initial components: the workflow editor (WE), a desktop application and a workflow administration and monitoring (WAM) toolkit. During a lot of discussions and conversations with people from STP and other companies, we realized that interoperability and compatibility is a very important thing which we missed in the first place. Right now there is one first release of the workflow editor (created a few weeks ago) and we are now working on several transformations and code generations in order to realize that interoperability: we now have a transformation framework with one already realized transformation from JWT to the WfMC language XPDL and are also working on transformations from the STP BPMN editor to JWT. So (finally coming to the point ;-)), how is the correct way to ask for a new component (which would include all these transformations)?
I even wrote a page about that :-)
-Normally we probably would ask our mentor, but as I've seen at [1] most projects of technology have a mentor, but not the projects Packaging and JWT. What was the reason for this decision? Could we get a mentor? Are you the right person to ask these questions or shall we ask Anne Jacko instead?
Projects that were started earlier do not have official mentors (because we didn't have the "mentors" policy in place at that time). I think it's a good idea to have Mentors and I applaud your idea of retroactively acquiring some - go for it!
In the meantime, I can answer those questions as can Anne (and, if Anne doesn't know the answer, she asks me).
-At the same page [1] I can see that our website is (or at least was in July) not in compliance with the Board-required standards. Is there a way you might let us know what is wrong, so we can change that?
At the time there were more required elements, but in the meantime we've relaxed the constraints and so you're now in conformance. I would recommend that you change the "Information about JWT" to "About this project" and that you change the green alien (most people didn't like him) to the newer egg:
-A general question: the Technology Project PMC Minutes seem to have stopped in July last year and the last minutes [2] discussed who should be member of that PMC. But I can't find how the decision for that was. At that moment (in July last year) we were just starting and extending our involvement and haven't been aware of the Technology internal discussions (we were never informed about that), so what is the current status of that now?
Yes, sigh, the Technology PMC hasn't had a meeting in quite a while. We've fallen down on the job, I'm afraid. I need to resurrect and revitalize the PMC and bring in a new set of members.
-Is there anything else we have not been aware of and which you might like us to know for our future work? For example, we would like to make an article in an Eclipse magazine in the near future describing the ideas and motivation behind JWT and the usage of the first plugin. Are there some guidelines from the Eclipse board or technology PMC what should be considered for that?
Excellent and, no, there are no restrictions or constraints about that kind of promotion. The only real constraint is that you cannot say that you have a "release" until you have been through a Release Review. See
section 6.4
Thanks in advance for your support and best regards,

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