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[jwt-dev] EclipseCon Summary

Hi all,

as you probably all know the EclipseCon has now finished. During the last
days a few of us met and discussed about JWT. There were: Adrian Mos from
INRIA, Stéphane Drapeau from Obeo, Andrea Zoppello from Engineering, Koen
Aers from JBoss and myself (and of course a lot more at EclipseCon :-)
We spoke about the intermediate results and the next steps:
Right now
-the first version of the workflow editor (WE) has been released
-a couple of transformations are underway: Mickael committed a
transformation framework as well as a stub transformation, Guillaume just
announced the first version of the XPDL code generation (thanks for that!)
and Stéphane is working on a transformation from BPMN to JWT (using ATL)
-on the WAM and desktop part there have not been much results yet.

In the future:
-we will work on transformations to STP-IM (the University of Augsburg is
just searching for some students to work on that)
-the workflow editor will be improved (more extension points, removing bugs,
-we will release the transformations and code generations
-extend the collaborated work with the STP projects
-have a closer look at the PVM and how JWT can build on that (as well as the
PVM guys investigate further JWT)
-we aim to have a project meeting somewhere in Europe with more time and
clearly specified topics

Did I forget anything? Please correct me also, if I put something wrong

Best regards and a good trip back,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] JWT2XPDL transformation


I have commited the JWT2XPDL transformation, for export from JWT to Bonita
(path: transformations/jwt-xpdl).

This first version has some limitations :
- If the JWT workflow has a cycle, Bonita will not be able to load the
generated XPDL file. For supporting cycles, the transformation should detect
the concerned edge and translate it into an iteration, not a transition.
- All the JWT data are converted in process properties instead of activity
properties, because of difficulties to manage unique field names.
- The subprocess calls are not managed. Embedded subprocess are ok.

Best regards,
Guillaume Decarnin
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