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AW: [jwt-dev] JWT transformations framework

Hi Mickael,

thanks for upload the transformation framework plugin into CVS. 

Some minor comments to it:
-in the transformations folder in CVS there is now a bin,src,icons,etc.
folder as well as two subfolders jwt-stubTransformation and
jwt-transformation-base. Are these folders necessary and if yes, what do
they contain? Concerning the writing of projects: we started with jwt-we,
wam, etc. so maybe we could also write stub-transformation instead of
Is the part jwt-compatibility not needed anymore? After my discussions with
Marc I thought that all kinds of transformations such as jwt-bpmn or
jwt-xpdl should be stored there? So I thought that the transformation base
(which is the base for other transformations such as jwt-bpmn) would be
stored there, too?
-could you please provide a license-file in the project as well as an
about.html? I learned today in a tutorial at EclipseCon that this is
necessary in all projects or components. 
-Since Mickael is a committer, he has the possibility to upload any code to
the CVS without IP check. However, since this is a new component
(transformations), I guess we should open a bug in IPZilla via the portal
and request to use this (should not take that long since the project is very
small). This would prevent us from having problems sometimes later on.
-I'm unsure about the version number and provider of the Plugin: normally I
wouldn't say that the first attempt/release of some plugin has already
version 1.0.0! I would guess more something like 0.1. What do you think
about that? Would the provider be JWT? Or shall we write
-On the Wiki you say that transformation to XPDL still has some errors!? Are
they due to the "transformation framework" or due to wrong templates?

Best regards,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] JWT transformations framework


I committed the transformation framework plugin, and a stub transformations
that uses it.
JWT-XPDL and JWT-BPMN transformations should come a little later.

I wrote a wiki page about transformations,

Feel free to criticize it as much as it deserves it!

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