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Re: [jwt-dev] Suggestions/remarks about the UI

Hi Mickael,

thanks for your comments on the UI. Here a few remarks from me (as one of the developers) to some of your thoughts:

- Packages visibility: This is a good point and we are already aware of it. The way the empty packages are displayed so far is not the best solution. Your suggestion helps to identify the "important" packages much better and its a good idea. Something we thought about at the first time was not showing empty packages at all. But this causes some nontrivial implementation issues. I'm not sure at the moment if your idea avoids this issues or if we face a similar problem. I have to think a little bit more about it, but nonetheless thanks for your thoughts.

- Make palette visible by default: The palette is visible by default when i open the diagram editor the first time after a new workflow file has been created (and a colleague just confirmed that it works at his version as well). If this is not the case for many users we should take a closer look at this again.

- Run on simulator & extract template only appears when clicking on properties or outline: Seems to me that you used an old version. If I remember correctly this was a bug that has been solved already and it works in the newest version. Please correct me if you use the newest version and it still doesn't work.

- Missing save icon: As the standard Eclipse Save icon is used and every Eclipse user knows where this icon is located, I don't think that this is a great problem. But this is only my opinion, comments on this are welcome. Additionally, if you try to move e.g. the open icon next to the save icon, this causes great trouble in our RCP application. That's the reason why we left the icons out of the original Eclipse toolbar.

Best regards,

Christian Seitz

Mickael Istria schrieb:
Hi all,

I created a wiki page to share my ideas about the UI. This is the opinion I had when I used the plugin for the first time, they are mainly related to ergonomics. Of course, HMI is often subjective, so that feel free to criticize my thoughts if you think I deserve it. The link is . You can find it on the main page of JWT wiki.

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