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[jwt-dev] Comments about the tutorial


As I said before, there are not a lot of things to criticize about your tutorial...

Most of remarks I had were due to the fact that when I started to follow the tutorial, I pressed Enter on the New Workflow wizard, so that it finished the wizard instead of continuing it as if I clicked on Next. Then, there is no problem of "unmatching" windows between program and tutorial.

About the tutorial, the only remark I can do is that the page that explains how to make a guard is less clear than the rest of the tutorial. It gives the impression that guards are complicated (whereas it is not). I attached a screenshot that, in my opinion, would be more an easier HOWTO (I choosed the colors according to my today mood, thus you should focus on the understandability rather than the beauty ;).
I think that such a picture with
 1. A general sentence to textually explicit the steps
 2. A paragraph to explain the syntax of conditionals
would be better than a page of text.

I have a dozens of suggestions about the MMI. For instance, suggestions about the toolbar layout to make the interface more natural and easy for users. Do you think I should list them on a JWT wiki page, so that everyone concerned with the project could give his opinion about specific suggestions?


PNG image

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