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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] New Open Wide collaborator on JWT : Mickael Istria

Hi Florian, all

You're right, I didn't say much about the SCOrWare first year review !

I'll say more about it later (and we'll discuss it in an upcoming telco), but in short, it's been very positive on the whole and for JWT related matters. We've presented two demos :

* editor demo : using JWT to design a process, using its Choose SCA Service action on an Action as its target Application to be executed, exporting it to XPDL using the dedicated action and viewing it in the Bonita ProEd XPDL editor. Alas, the BPMN <-> JWT transformations were not fully completed nor integrated at this time so we didn't showcase them.

* "Open Source Project Portal" demo : this is a Liferay-based portal that demonstrates, on top of an innovating Open Source Forge service, specific features allowing to promote and manage an Open Source project's vision and external contributions (like pieces of Spring conf...). We demonstrated how Project Leaders may create Use Cases, how Users may create Success Stories that "implement" them and link to them, and how Project Leaders have to approve or reject them, which is achieved through a Bonita-deployed XPDL process that is integrated with the Liferay portal using SCA (the Tuscany implementation for now). For the record, integrating Tuscany with Liferay and Bonita was (as expected) not that trivial (euphemism euphemism).

So I could almost say that next year will be about putting both of them (the design "production chain" part and the service runtime part) together ^^ Even if it actually implies moving both of them on an actually larger scale (i.e. the service concept in JWT, slicing between scorware parts and JWT parts...).

Last time I checked I was OK with the slides, I'll take a final look at them.


Florian Lautenbacher wrote:

Hi Marc,
these are good (and bad concerning Loic) news! So, first of all, Mickael,
welcome to our team!

Yes, it would be good if he could review our tutorial, but also, if he (and
you) could have a look at the release review slides. These need to be
finalized on Monday and sent to EMO. I had some feedback from my colleagues,
but more feedback is still welcome!

After Loic has left OpenWide, what is the current status of the XPDL-export
or the JWT for SOA features? You mentioned in an earlier mail that many
things needed to be finalized in January, but we didn't hear whether you
achieved your goals for the first year of SCOrWARE and which of these goals
are important or interesting for the JWT community.
I'm looking forward to hear some more details about that.

Best regards and have a nice weekend,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] New Open Wide collaborator on JWT : Mickael Istria

Hi all

Mickael Istria has joined Open Wide for a six month end-of-study internship,
whose subject targets JWT and the SCOrWare partner project.

On another, sadder subject, Loic has recently quit the team - not that I
wouldn't have liked him to keep working with us, given the skills and the
focus he brought to its tasks !

So Mickael will start his work from what we - and especially Loic - built
recently (especially JWT for SOA features, like choosing a service or
exporting to XPDL), with a first task of auditing and polishing it so it may
be committed as soon and as consistent with the other JWT parts and Eclipse
best practices as possible.

Since we're in less a hurry than at the end of the previous year, we'll try
to do the things the right way, so Mickael will first try to do some
contribution work (and reviewing your tutorial, Florian) before I nominate
him as a committer :)

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
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