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[jwt-dev] New Open Wide collaborator on JWT : Mickael Istria

Hi all

Mickael Istria has joined Open Wide for a six month end-of-study internship, whose subject targets JWT and the SCOrWare partner project.

On another, sadder subject, Loic has recently quit the team - not that I wouldn't have liked him to keep working with us, given the skills and the focus he brought to its tasks !

So Mickael will start his work from what we - and especially Loic - built recently (especially JWT for SOA features, like choosing a service or exporting to XPDL), with a first task of auditing and polishing it so it may be committed as soon and as consistent with the other JWT parts and Eclipse best practices as possible.

Since we're in less a hurry than at the end of the previous year, we'll try to do the things the right way, so Mickael will first try to do some contribution work (and reviewing your tutorial, Florian) before I nominate him as a committer :)

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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