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AW: [jwt-dev] fyi - new project bpmn2

Hi Marc,

yes, I've seen that. However, as they've written in their proposal, they
don't have an inital code contribution and will generate some Java classes
and packages as an implementation of the BPMN 2.0 metamodel using EMF. Their
first major release is scheduled for June 2009. But this project will be
interesting to follow, maybe JWT and BPMN2 could collaborate somehow.
Concerning the OFMP: I didn't have the possibility to attend the creation
review - anybody else?

Just another small note: Please be careful to upload any code to the Eclipse
CVS without requesting the contribution via the portal. I haven't been aware
of this process and we are now underway to get the already existing code on
the CVS checked by the EMO-IP-team (which takes some time...).

If this process has been finished, then I will ask EMO for a release review
for the workflow editor based on the slides that I've attached to this
email. If anybody wants any changes, please don't hesitate to contact me

Best regards,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] fyi - new project bpmn2

Hello  An new eclipse project has been approved, that seems interesting for
JWT :  The Modeling PMC has approved creation of a BPMN2 component as part
of the MDT sub-project (see mailing list thread at Details on
the new component can be found on Eclipsepedia at  On the other hand, any news
about Eclise OFMP (reviewed two days ago I think) ?  Regards, Marc Dutoo
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