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Re: [jwt-dev] Release review

Stephane tells me there are nontrivial technical problems for executing ATL in Java code, so it would be toot risky for the release to integrate right now.




On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:21:38 +0100, Marc Dutoo wrote:

Hi Florian

OK for me.

If you really want it, you could have a jwt-xpdl extension on a restricted perimeter (process, task, edge, guard) by the 05th of February.

Stéphane, what about jwt2bpmn, is it still premature ? Otherwise if you provide a few lines of java code that executes it, we (Open Wide) could also integrate itin JWT...



On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 16:18:41 +0100, "Florian Lautenbacher" wrote:

Hi all,
please find attached an updated version of the slides for the release review. Please feel free to send me your feedback. As soon as the slides are finished and the last small bugs of version 0.4 have been removed, we will ask EMO for our review.
Best regards,
Dipl.-Inf. Florian Lautenbacher
Programming Distributed Systems Lab
Institute of Computer Science
University of Augsburg
Universitätsstr. 14
86135 Augsburg, Germany
phone: +49 821 598-3103
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